At CEMMI, your privacy is valuable and we are committed to protecting your data. For this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), the term “personal data” means data such as name; address; email address; internet service provider; telephone; or other personal information that may be provided by you or collected about you per applicable local law. We hope that this Policy will help you understand what type of personal data we collect on this website, if appropriate, and how we process and use any personal data after collection. 


By accessing and using this website, the user indicates his/her agreement with the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, we ask that you do not use CEMMI. This Policy applies to this website / WAP site and other informational CEMMI websites / WAP sites, but not necessarily to all CEMMI websites/ WAP sites or internet channels, for which special terms and conditions may apply, as stated. All CEMMI websites to which this Policy applies are collectively referred to as a “website”. It is important to note that special terms of use or specific terms for a website or page (referred to as “special terms”) may apply to individual pages/services on this website, and the applicability of any of these special terms will be expressly stated. In the event of any discrepancy between any special terms and this Policy, the applicable special conditions shall prevail over the terms of this Policy.

Anonymous Use

In general, most of the pages of this website are provided for informational purposes, and it is possible to use this website without informing CEMMI who you are or without providing CEMMI with any personal data about you. At times, however, CEMMI may need information about you in connection with your use of this website.

Personal Data Provided by You

To answer your questions, fulfill your requests, or manage customer interaction programs, you may need to request or obtain personal data. If you provide any personal data, we may use it to fulfill your requests, personalize your experience as a user, verify your satisfaction with CEMMI products and/or services or contact you by email, letter, SMS or phone or, under local law, use such means to inform you on new products, services or promotions that we may offer. By providing information to CEMMI via this website, you declare that you are aware of and agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of information that allows personal identification under the terms and for the purposes described in this Policy.

You hereby expressly accept and agree that the personal data obtained in connection with your use of this website may be transferred, if permitted by applicable local law, across international borders to servers that support CEMMI (including, but not limited to the transfer of these sites back to the country of your location) for the operation and development of this website and the website services, including transfer to subcontractors or CEMMI agents, as mentioned below, who perform tasks related to this website or the Website services, or to store data in the respective databases, which may be located in the USA or in any country where CEMMI operates.

If you place a product order, request a service, or send content to this website, we may need to contact you for additional information required to process or fulfill your order and/or request. Except as required by local law or by administrative or judicial order, we will not provide this information to third parties without your permission, except when necessary to process your order, fulfill your request, manage customer interaction programs or, in the case of a corporate user, allow the administration of access and use of this website by authorized personnel of your organization. If permitted by applicable local law, CEMMI may also exchange information between CEMMI’s (related) affiliated companies for the purposes mentioned in this Policy.

As CEMMI is committed to protecting your privacy, CEMMI does not participate in activities to sell or exchange personal data with other companies for promotional purposes.

Use of Subcontractors

We may use subcontractors to provide you with some products or services. It is also possible that we may need to share your data with these subcontractors such to allow them to provide these services to us. Our subcontractors are not authorized to use this personal data for any other purposes, and confidentiality obligations are imposed on the services.

Visitor Identification – Use of Cookies

From time to time, information may be entered on your computer such to improve this website and the services that CEMMI provides for you. This information is usually called cookies and is used by many websites. Cookies are data stored on your computer’s hard drive or browser and not at CEMMI. They typically allow the collection of some information about your computer, including internet protocol address, your computer’s operating system, browser type, and address of any related websites.

The use of cookies offers benefits to you, such as eliminating the need to enter your password many times during a session, or, when applicable, replacing items in a shopping cart from one visit to another if you have not completed a transaction in one previous visit. By demonstrating how and when our visitors use this website or other CEMMI websites, the use of cookies allows CEMMI to continue to improve the websites. If you do not wish to receive cookies or want to be notified when they are placed, you may be able to enable your browser to do so, if it allows it. Please keep in mind that if cookies are disabled, you may not be able to view some parts of this website that can improve your visit. Some of our business partners whose content is linked to this website through a link to or from this website may also use cookies. However, we have no access to or control over such cookies. This website also uses cookies for CEMMI’s traffic analysis and anonymous visitors’ profiles.

CEMMI security sought to take commercially reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to and inappropriate use of your data sent to CEMMI through the use of this website. For example, CEMMI uses encryption technology when collecting financial information, such as credit card information. If this website offers online transactions, it will use industry-standard security measures, such as that available through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to protect the confidentiality and security of online transactions. When used, industry-standard security measures such as SSL authentication ensure that credit card information, as well as other personal data sent during the purchase process, is safe from interception by third parties.

While there are always risks associated with providing personal data, whether in person, over the phone, or via the Internet or other technologies, and no technology system is completely secure or tamper-proof or hacker-proof, CEMMI sought to take reasonable precautions appropriate to the nature of the information to avoid and minimize such risks concerning your use of CEMMI.

Accuracy of Collected Data

The Website, on its initiative or upon request, shall free of charge, restore, correct or delete any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data retained by CEMMI concerning the operation of this website. Please consult the contact information provided below on this page, if any, or elsewhere on this website such to determine the best way to contact CEMMI to update and/or revise your data and/or choose to no longer receive marketing communications from CEMMI.


CEMMI’s policy is to request that “Minors” (the age for someone to be considered a Minor is defined by the law of the place where you live) do not make purchases and do not perform other legal acts on this website without the consent of parents or legal guardians, except if permitted by applicable local law.

External Links 

This Website may contain links to other websites. It is important to note that CEMMI is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any other websites. We recommend reading the privacy policies of such websites

Changes in this Policy: CEMMI may from time to time change this Policy or change, modify or disable access to this Website at any time with or without notice. However, if this Policy is changed substantially and adversely, CEMMI will inform this change at the beginning of this Policy and on the home page of this Website for 30 days. We recommend that you read this Policy from time to time to become aware of any changes.